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Tod Bevitt, principle investigator, has 25 years of experience conducting cultural resource investigations from archival and background research and site survey (Phase I) through eligibility testing (Phase II) and mitigation/salvage excavations (Phase III/IV). He has worked at all levels from field technician where he developed valuable field techniques and methods to supervision and management of projects where his skills in analysis, writing, and management of budgets and personnel have been refined.  Tod  graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A. in anthropology and from Wichita State University with a M.A. in archaeology.








Wendi Bevitt has over 20 years personal experience with historical research and genealogy.  Research pursuits have taken her all over the middle United States digging out buried history.  She authors a monthly article entitled Hidden History of Osage County for the Osage County News. Her research passions include local Civil War veterans, Bleeding Kansas, and Reservation era Kansas. Other research pursuits involve the early twentieth century promotion of American Indian culture, and she has written an article for an upcoming issue of Chronicles of Oklahoma on the 1920 silent film, Daughter of Dawn. . 

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