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Our experience

Tod Bevitt, our principal investigator, has been working in archaeology for 25 years. In addition to leading archaeological excavations and surveys, he is adept in writing and has produced numerous technical reports as well as co-authored a chapter in Kansas Archaeology (2006).  He has been involved with investigations across the Plains and into the Midwest including work in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana and has worked closely with the public much of his career. 



Wendi Bevitt has been active in historical and genealogical research since 1995. Her work has taken her to courthouses and federal, state and local archives and historical societies all over the middle United States.  She has completed the architectural buildings survey class provided by the Kansas State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and documents historical resources for the Kansas Historical Resources Inventory (KHRI).  One of her passions is researching local history increasing public interest by giving talks and classes on her many pursuits. Wendi also contributes a monthly column to the Osage County News called Hidden History.

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