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What we can do for you...

In the field

Whether your needs include surveying a project locale for cultural resources prior to construction, providing on-site monitoring during construction, testing archaeological sites to assess eligibility in meeting National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) criteria, or mitigation of adverse effects and impacts to properties already determined eligible to the NRHP, we can help. Our experience covers a wide range of project types including reservoirs, parks, roads, transmission lines, airports, mines, pipelines and more. Occasionally fieldwork may require partnering with others who provide specialized services necessary for a quality outcome. Over the years we have established valued, trusted relationships  with specialists that we are able to call upon should the need arise.

Behind the scenes

Part of conducting a thorough study includes utilizing various archival records to provide necessary background information preliminary to field investigations and to place the results of fieldwork in a better historical context. Our trained and qualified staff has extensive experience conducting archival and historical research utilizing archaeological site records, various historic plat and survey maps, photographs, and other primary source historical documents archived in local, state, and federal repositories.


Another one of our goals is to help people discover their family's past and in the process get excited about history in general. Do you have a famous ancestor in your past? What secret was grandmother keeping? We can help you figure it out!

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